AOTA Show – Chicago: April 7-8-9, 2016

Come visit us in our booth at the American Occupational Therapists Association Show in Chicago April 7-9, 2016.

We will be displaying our Backtone, Posture Training Device. The Occupational Therapist who designed it will be presenting at the show, and can be seen at our booth.

New Jobri Catalog

Jobri is excited to announce the launch of our new catalog!  It can be downloaded from our website from the Downloads Dropdown box from the top navigation bar on our site!  Our New Branding can be seen in the new part numbers for our products. Please let us know what you think of it?

ASD Trade Show

We will be exhibiting at the ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas March 1 – 4, 2015, and we will be in New Exhibitor Pavillion; in the Value and Variety Hall, Booth # SU2593. Come by and See us!

The Jazzy Kneeling Chair

Jazzy Front & Side BK

A strong back is a healthy back

Our daily routines have become shaped by the need to spend much of the day sitting in front of a screen, so it is vital we spend this time on well designed, supportive seating.
A report by the UK Health and Safety Executive in 2014 concluded that keyboard work is one of the main tasks associated with the development of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with a safe working environment which includes the seats they sit on. However, the expensive investment in fully adjustable office chairs is often negated by employees not being shown how their chair should be adjusted and not being educated on how bad posture can create ongoing health problems.
There is of course no single product to help improve everyone’s sitting position and much is down to the individual’s own discipline in maintaining a good seated posture. Some will find a well-adjusted chair and footrest helpful, others a standing desk and others a kneeling chair. A kneeling chair such as our Jazzy Kneeling Chair encourages an upright posture by easing the hips forward and aligning the back, shoulder and neck. Kneeling chairs were designed upon the ergonomic concept that “a strong back is a healthy back”.  Unlike a conventional chair, the sitting position of a kneeling chair engages your core muscles and will in time help strengthen your back and contribute to a better posture and less back or shoulder pain.
As with any desk chair it is important to adjust it to fit your own body shape.  With a kneeling chair it is important that you have the majority of your weight going through your seat bones and are only using the knee rest to give a little extra support.  The introduction of a back rest on the Jazzy Kneeling Chair gives you more support when you need it.
Having the right chair does not mean you should spend the whole day on it.  You should continue to take regular breaks away from your desk, which is always a good reason to head towards the coffee machine.
See further information about the Jazzy Kneeling Chair.

Changing our bad posture habits

Don’t move; just take a moment to notice how you are sitting. Are your shoulders somewhere near your ears, your back bent and are your legs are crossed too? Probably. Now try lifting your sternum, relaxing your shoulders and positioning yourself directly in front of your screen with both feet on the floor. This is how you should be sitting but how many of us actually do? The amount of time we spend in front of a screen has increased hugely over the last few years and so have the number of people complaining of back issues. These issues are mostly caused by our bad posture habits practised daily while we sit, stand and move about. Many of us spend all day hunched in front of a computer and then the evening slouched in front of the television. Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised when our backs ache or our shoulders are tense as our bodies were not designed to be in these positions for hours on end. The solution is to retrain our muscle memory so that we again feel comfortable sitting, standing and walking in the correct alignment. Poor posture is a simple problem to resolve but a difficult one to keep remembering to correct. One of Jobri’s most popular products is BackTone, a simple piece of equipment that reminds you, with a beep or vibration, when you fall back into your bad posture habits. The advantage of BackTone is that it can be worn for a short time each day and that within two to three weeks you will notice a difference in your posture even when not wearing it. BackTone is worn like a backpack and is fully adjustable to your shape. BackTone helps you stop slouching, ensures your shoulders are relaxed and your head is correctly positioned and if you slip back into your old habits the sensor will quickly remind you and will only turn off once you have corrected your posture. The physiotherapist who developed the product has created several online tutorials to show you how to fit and use your BackTone, enabling you to quickly and easily correct your own posture. Once you are walking and sitting tall those aches and pains brought on by incorrect posture should begin to fade. Now, in the few minutes it has taken to read this blog have you remembered to remain sitting in your good posture pose?